Peplink’s proprietary SpeedFusion technology powers enterprise VPNs wielding the power of 4G/5G, VSAT and Starlink, and bonding it into one super-fast ultra reliable data-pipe. For video streaming SpeedFusion uses WAN Smoothing to consume more bandwidth but ensure a smoother connection and a better quality viewing experience.

Bandwidth Bonding

Bandwidth Bonding links data at the packet level, combining your low quality connections into a powerful data-pipe for when you need maximum power wherever you are. Combine your cellular, VSAT, and Starlink connections to reach unbeatable speeds with a more reliable connection.

For video streaming SpeedFusion uses WAN Smoothing to ensure a flawless streaming experience onboard SpeedFusion VPN uses 256 bit AES encryption ensuring no one can intercept your data. Combine multiple WAN connections into one supercharged tunnel for enhanced speed and reliability Encrypted Connection WAN Smoothing Bandwidth Bonding

Hot Failover

Failover offered in existing technologies will transfer sessions to another connection, but you will lose connection when one WAN fails.

However with SpeedFusion Hot Failover, if one connection fails your traffic will seamlessly transition to another connection maintaining session persistence meaning you wont experience interruptions in your activities.