KVH Starlink

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KVH TracNet Family

The Power and Reliability of KVH,
the Speed of Starlink

Enjoy seamless, intelligent integration of Starlink’s speed and affordability with KVH’s proven global HTS network, multi-channel hybrid connections, and outstanding performance. Plus, you can enjoy the benefits of KVH’s advanced, integrated services for enhanced security, connectivity, and versatility.

Starlink’s speed, low latency, and affordable data is a fantastic add-on for any of KVH’s great connectivity solutions, including new TracNet terminals, AgilePlans® ONE, and with KVH ONE OpenNet:

In addition, you can easily add a Starlink flat, high performance terminal to existing TracPhone® systems.

  • Choice of KVH TracNet H-series terminal (H30, H60, or H90) with integrated VSAT, 5G/LTE, and Wi-Fi
  • KVH’s exclusive intelligent hybrid channel switching
  • Flat panel high-performance maritime Starlink terminal
  • Flat panel high-performance maritime wedge mount
  • Starlink-to-TracNet Hub ethernet adapter
  • 8m and 25 m Power over Ethernet cables
  • Shipping worldwide
  • Installation and service through KVH’s global network of authorized agents
  • 24/7 live airtime and technical support

Peplink SpeedFusion Bonding

With the power of Peplink’s SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding you can supercharge your connection, combining the speed and reliability of both cellular, Starlink, VSAT, and more. Use Peplink’s traffic steering to designate starlink for high bandwidth low priority tasks saving your lower latency connections for vital communication and navigation.