Poynting’s New Mimo Wi-Fi Marine Antennas

Poynting OMNI-494 and OMNI-498

The OMNI-494 and OMNI-498 antennas provide dual-band Wi-Fi coverage in the 2.4 GHz and 5 to 7.2 GHz bands, making them ideal for any Wi-Fi access point, whether it is older Wi-Fi technology or new technology that goes up to Wi-Fi 6E (7.2 GHz).

The OMNI-494 features cross-polarized antennas, with high gain vertical and low gain horizontal omnidirectional antennas. The high-gain antennas have a peak gain of 9.8dBi, while the low-gain antennas have a peak gain of 5dBi, providing MIMO performance with improved throughput.

The OMNI-498 features high-gain vertical omni-directional antennas with a peak gain of 9.8dBi also providing MIMO performance with improved throughput.

Both antennas are purpose-built for harsh maritime environments against dust and water ingress, making them ideal for the most severe storms at sea. The antenna radome is fully saltwater protected and thus can be used in highly corrosive environments, thanks to the UV-stable ASA radome material.

The OMNI-494 and OMNI-498 antennas are intended to supplement and expand the range of marine Wi-Fi antennas, offering more options to our customers especially when using a MIMO-capable access point. With their MIMO technology, the antennas ensure enhanced performance, improved reliability, and seamless connectivity for vessels of all sizes, and other maritime applications. Stay connected wherever your journey takes you with our new MIMO Wi-Fi antennas.

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